Simple essential steps for e-commerce

I will wirte about Simple essential steps for e-commerce

Step 1
Before you create a new website, fist you need to do

Keyword research
It all starts here
Why keyword research is your e-commerce first step
Your customers on the web communicate via keywords
Keyword gives you insights about demand
Tells you want problems they care about
Reveals what they want to buy to solve their problem
Helps you build your content and pages

Step 2
Competitive research

People said “I don’t have any rival”, but I doubt about it.
especially, e-commerce. your customer is all over the world. rival also.
It’s very important to know your rivals weaknesses & strengths

Organic traffic
Unique selling proposition
Paid Ads
Social media assets (facebook, twitter, youtube)

Website creation

Is your website having difference? Unique somewhat?
Is your website duplication? Sending same idea of products, services so that customer remember your products?
Is your website sequence to customer understand how to read your website?

test your website

before launching, you have to test your website
Know how well your site is structured and designed

so what you need to check?

2 things

1. Placement of key information on a page(google analytics)
2. How fast is your website loading (no too heavy image)

What can you track with web analytics?
1. Mobile
2. Search
3. Email
4. 3rd Party Stores
5. Offline sales
6. Affiliates
7. Social media
8. Call center
9. Ad server

we have a solution for the email track with web analytics.
it will be your strong weapon and resonable price for e commerce.