marketing strategy

What is strategy?

Strategy is that big picture how organization going to win.
Whatever, environment.

Any organization, profit or non-profit.

Thinking strategically
Competing to be the best → competing to be unique
The worst error in strategy is to complete with rivals on the same dimensions

Indeed, no best company in the company whole the world
What is the best car?
What is the best coffee?
Answer is “its depends the person”
All depends on who is the customer.
So there is no best company for all customers.

Thinking about strategy, I believe starting point is how we can be unique.
This is the essential starting point of strategy.

What do we mean by a strategy?

Strategy is different than aspirations (goals)
Our strategy is to be #1 or #2 ..of the industry.
Our strategy is to grow…faster than the other.
Our strategy is to provide superior returns to our shareholders…
Our strategy is to be the world leader…

How to be got to be is the strategy. Why?
so goal is not strategy.

Strategy is more than a particular action
Our strategy is to merge…
Consolidate the industry
Double our R&D budget…

Why you going to win, did not describe.
Why? It become your advantage.
Core understading of position

Strategy is not the same as vision/values.
Our strategy is to meet he financial need and aspirations of our customers…
Our strategy is to serve our customers and communicates meeting the highest standards of integrity.

Strategy defines the company’s distinctive approach to competing and the competitive advantages on which it will be based.

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