marketing history

Trade always there.
When did marketing start?
“Markets” and “trade” have a long history. But “marketing” did not exist as a term until the early 1900s.
In the period 1900-1910, the first marketing textbooks were published. Some institutional economists started to teach “distribution” later added “advertising” and the “promotion and pricing”

They want dissolution of economy.

Every company has sales group.
They don’t want to a lot of homework.
They don’t want to be the customer side.
Sales people don’t want to 3 things.
1. Conduct consumer research.
2. Find leads
3. Prepare brochure and other promotion
That’s why company need marketing people.

Job positions in today’s marketing organization
 Chief marketing officer (CMO)
 Brand managers
 Category managers
 Market segment managers
 Distribution channel managers
 Pricing managers
 Marketing communication managers
 Database managers
 Direct marketers
 Internet and social media managers