5 SINPLE STEP Marketing plan part2

hi, so lets continue.

5 STEP Marketing plan

There are 2 preparation steps, and 3 action steps.

Preparation steps

Identify Product Benefits
 Write down every benefit (NOT features)
 Write down what problems your product solves
 Emotional Triggers (fear, pride, happiness, guild jealousy, etc)

This time, I will explain STEP2

Identify your Target Audience

Write down everything about your perfect customer.
(men/women, income, age, single/married, occupation, travel ,kids, live, home owners
Where will I find these people?
(Where do they hang out? Who? Shop? Eat? Facebook groups? Magazines? Etc)

let me add some explanation.

now, you are target Audience.
are they men? women?
how much they earn?
how old are they?
they married or signle?
what do they do?
they like to travel? asia? US? Europe?
do they have kids?
where they live?
do they own home?

then,you need to write down where you find out those people.

their favorite restaurant?
facebook group?
work place?

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