5 SINPLE STEP Marketing plan

Hi, this time, I would like to share 5 step simple marketing plan you can use any business, type of industry.
When you do it, formula for the success, marketing, whatever, products of marketing strategy.

5 STEP Marketing plan

There are 2 preparation steps, and 3 action steps.

Preparation steps

Identify Product Benefits
 Write down every benefit (NOT features)
 Write down what problems your product solves
 Emotional Triggers (fear, pride, happiness, guild jealousy, etc)

let me add some explanation.
Don’t write down features.
Features is like TV 5inchis, connect wifi. networking HDD.
People justified the features, but they don’t buy because of features.
People buy based on their benefit.

For example.
Air Asia
What is their features?
their furure is bring people to the destination.
however, air asia web page, there is no cold air plane image.
instead of that, full of people’s benefits.

there are exotic beach, mauntain, sight seeing place picture.

When you make your marketing plan, you should know what benefit you provide

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